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5 Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic
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5 Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Every website owner wants to reach as many readers as possible. It is natural that we want to share our knowledge, experience with other people.

Many webmasters make money by placing ads on their pages and for them generating traffic is a way of earning for life.

The are many ways to increase website traffic.

Righ now I will show you 5 most popular in my opinion, which you can try for free or use the online offers and then someone will do the job for you for a small sallary.

So let’s start …

Number 1

Interesting content of articles, blog posts

What attracts readers are valuable information and inviting form of writing. No one will come back to the site, when there is nothing interesting, right?

When you are writing try to put as much passion as you can into it, get involved. Ask yourself – is your article useful and has interesting content that you would like to read yourself?

Make your posts more interesting by adding pictures or infographics to them, depending on what matches your article content.

I know, however, that not everyone feels good to write a beautiful, captivating text that will knock on the reader’s knee.

With the help of more or less qualified copywriters you can achieve good results. There are many places where you can order a text-to-page service.

Blog entries of 150 characters start at about $ 1 for a beginner writer. For a premium quality article you will have to pay more.

You can also write article yourself and then give it to qualified person to edit the text for you, rewrite it to improve it`s quality.

From sites where you can outsource article writing I recommend you and SEO Clerks – Article Writing Services.

We may also use the texts on a free license, keeping in mind to comply with the license terms eg. giving the name of the author and the source of the original.

There are thousands of articles on a variety of topics on the web, and you can really find something for yourself – even as a base that we can improve and adapt to our writing style.

Among these sites I recommend you Free PLR Article Directory

Number 2

Social media

Nowadays, social media plays a huge role in generating website traffic. Millions of people around the world use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms every day.

Create social profiles on one or more platforms and grow your audience day by day. Then post news about your new content.

When someone is interested in your content then he may like your post and share it with his friends and naturally your readers base will start to grow.

Of course you can do it for free! If you run a blog, for example on the WordPress platform, use plugins that automatically puts the news about new post on your social media platform.

I use the Publicize form Jetpack plugin and it does it`s job without problems!

Two of paid options that we can use when we want to promote our site among a larger group of people are sponsored Tweets and Facebook likes.

I bought sometimes sponsored tweets at SEO Clerks – Sponsored Tweets, but  I wasn`t happy with the results.

Maybe I wrongly choose the seller or the topic of my site did not quite fit the audience.

When you want to spend some money there, then it`s good to do some research first and find the right person for this job.

Number 3

Search engines and web directories

Another way to gain new readers is by adding our site to the search engines and site directories.

There are many other search engines than most popular Google or Bing.

When someone is looking for specific content which we deliver on our site, then we will increase our chance to reach us.

There are many free directories and search engines. A good way is to use websites that add our site to many search engines and directories at once, automatically.

I personally recommend you Entireweb Directory Submission.

One of paid option is to use the SEO Clerks service. Prices start at $1 and I think that’s not a big amount for such a service – SEO Clerks – Directory Submission

Number 4

Comments on blogs and forums

If you write on a popular topic, for example travel, you can browse forums and blogs of other people with similar interests.

It is worth to sign the address of your website in the forum signature and participate in discussions in the forum. Then every time you post something on the forum your signature will appear below the post.

People will click this link out of curiosity.

Similarly, blogging is a good way to leave your footprint on related site.

After you read someone else article leave a comment. Write honestly and leave a link to your site.

This is a natural way to build relationships with others and build backlinks to your site.

Number 5

Search Engine Optimisation

The next thing to pay attention to is the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) of the page.

This is a very comprehensive subject about which people write entire books, but here we will focus on only two things.

If you use WordPress, you should use free plugins like YOAST SEO. The plugin will help you to improve your site for search engines.

Hints in the plugin will show you what you can change to make your site more “attractive” to search engines.

If you apply at least some of the above and you will do it systematically over time, the traffic will begin to increase. This is a process and requires patience.

Good luck!

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