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How to create your first backlinks
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How to create your first backlinks

How to create your first backlinks

Every site owner can take care of getting valuable backlinks for their content. There are still popular deals with the creation of thousands of links and people are buying them. Perhaps it is a good way to link backend, but for our main site we should have links of the best quality. So start your way to create your first backlinks now!

But what are backlinks anyway?

As defined by Wikipedia:

“A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent).[1] A web resource may be (for example) a website, web page, or web directory.

What backlinks do we need?

It would be best to meet 3 conditions:

  1. they were on the sites related to our site,
  2. the site where we put backlinks have a high reputation,
  3. will not be spam.

What will we need?

Just an ordinary web browser and a list of places where we can place a link to our site. Our link will appear at our forum post or blog comment, which we will write on the page related to our topic. To do this we use advanced search operators.

The main way is the exact match search. We enter the search phrase in quotation marks. Let’s look for healthy food websites. As you can see below there are about 67 000 000 results.

Exact match google search
Exact match google search

Off course that`s too much for us, so we need to reduce the number of pages.

How to narrow down search results

We need to narrow the search to such pages where we can put a comment with a link or a link to our site.

The easiest option would be to place our links on discussion forums (in our forum signature) and in our forum profile.

Let’s first consider what forums scripts are most popular. Each forum at the bottom of the page contains a footer with the name of the forum software, that is the so-called footprint.

For example take a look at phpBB forum below.

phpBB Footprint Example
phpBB Footprint Example

In this example our footprint will be “Powered by phpBB”.

Let`s try to narrow down our previous search to only forums using this footpirnt. To do this we need to merge our search term and footprint.

Now our search query will look like this: “healthy food” “Powered by phpBB”.

Healthy Food Search With phpBB Footprint
Healthy Food Search With phpBB Footprint

Right now we have about 4 050 000 results, only phpBB forums with words “healthy food” in content.

Use time filter in Google search

We can further refine our search to eg the last month’s date (to reply to current topics in the forum).

To do this, select Tools and then you need to select desired search period instead of “Any Time”, in our case past month.

Google Search Tools
Google Search Tools
Google Search Time Settings
Google Search Time Settings

After all of this our search results will be like this.

Healthy food Search With phpBB Footprint And Past Month Date
Healthy food Search With phpBB Footprint And Past Month Date

We have only 133 results – 133 topics on phpBB forums in the past month.

How to create your first backlinks

To create relevant, high quality backlinks now we have to check forum to assure that we can use forum signature – read forum rules first before making next steps.

If it`s ok we can create forum account. As the next step after creating the forum account will be filling in the profile, especially the address of our site.

After you confirm this change, your first backlink will appear in the forum, on your profile page.

Create your first backlinks at phpBB Profile Control Panel
Create your first backlinks at phpBB Profile Control Panel

Every time you will write on this forum, your signature with website link will be posted too.

For start say welcome to forum users. Most often a special category is set up for this purpose, in our example it`s called “Introductions”.

Create new topic and write few words about you, don`t forget to use check mark about your signature.

Forum Topic
Forum Topic

The more active you are in the forum, the more backlinks you will get.

Do you want more backlinks from different sites?

Simply repeat the above steps for the next forums.

Below you have more popular forum footprints:

  • “Powered by vBulletin”
  • “Powered by phpBB”
  • “Powered by XennoBB”
  • “PHP-Nuke Copyright”
  • “Powered By MyBB”
  • “Powered by fluxbb”
  • “Powered by UseBB 1 Forum Software”
  • “Powered by XMB”

Create backlinks from blog comments

To create backlinks on blogs we simply need to use blogs accepting comments.

Here are some examples of queries we can use in our search:

  • “Add New Comment”
  • “Leave a comment”
  • “Post new comment”
  • “Post a Comment:”
  • “Leave a Reply”
  • “Sign in to comment”
  • “Notify me when new comments are posted”
  • “You must be registered and logged in to leave comments.”

Using our previous example this time search query might looke like this: “haealthy food” “Add New Comment”

The next steps are similar to presented before. We can narrow our search, check the links we have received and post comments on blog posts that we consider to be relevant to our site.

It is important to write our site url in the appropriate form field!

If we need links from pages with a specific extension for example edu or gov we need to add another element to the query.

It will look like this: “healthy food” “Add New Comment”

Here is the list of other useful footprints:

  • “blog” “forums” “comments” “log in / create account” inurl:blog “seo”

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