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LinkCollider Review
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LinkCollider Review

LinkCollider Review

Today I am going to introduce you a free service that will increase traffic on your website. It`s called

This service is a powerful tool for an experienced user. In general, it is free to use, but if you want to take advantage of the additional features you can buy paid membership.

The system is based on a tokens system. For the steps you take, you receive tokens that you can use later to increase traffic on your website and for SEO services.

With your activity, the level of your account increases. With each level getting more and more bonus tokens.

As you can see in the attached picture, I have a level 4 account at this point, which gives me a bonus of 8 tokens for every action I make.

LinkCollider Review - Dashboard
LinkCollider Review – Dashboard

You need to keep in mind that the use of autosurf and clicks does not get you activity points!

How to get more tokens

There are fifteen free opportunities to earn tokens and two paid options. I’ll list them below.

Free of charge:

  1. Facebook Likes (High Reward)
  2. Tweets
  3. Twitter Followers
  4. Google Plus
  5. Facebook Shares
  6. Pinterest Pins
  7. YouTube Subscribers (High Reward)
  8. Pinterest Followers
  9. Tumblr Posts
  10. Stumbleupon Posts
  11. WordPress Posts
  12. Blogger Posts
  13. Autosurf (Low Reward)
  14. Clicks (Low Reward)
  15. Referral System

    LinkCollider Review - How To Collect Tokens
    LinkCollider Review – How To Collect Tokens

Paid options:

  1. Token Store (starting at $ 5 for 5000 tokens, ending at $ 499.99 for 1 460 000 tokens)
  2. Account Upgrade (four different packages with different number of tokens when buying, from 5000 to 120 000 upon purchase)

How to increase website traffic

The tokens we have earned in previous step can be used to promote our website. We can choose which traffic options we are interested in (from all of which we acquire tokens before).

But first we have to add our site to the system. To do this select the Submit a Website option, choose your page type and fill in all fields, set how many points you are going to spend on one action and validate the form.

Then go to the Dashboard and place the check mark with the source of your choice.

LinkCollider Review - Select A Traffic Source
LinkCollider Review – Select A Traffic Source

That’s all, it’s easy to do!

SEO Tools

Another very interesting option that LinkCollider has are seo services.

Most of them are completely free. Some of them are used inside the site, but there are links to external sites too.

Of these built-in we have:

  • Backlinks Generator (150 tokens per backlink)
  • Article Rewriter / Article Generator
  • Directory Submission (50 tokens per directory)
  • Character Counter
  • Link Shortener
  • Spintax Tester – Compiler
  • Article Spinner – Automatically Generates Spintax

    LinkCollider Review - How To Choose SEO Tools
    LinkCollider Review – How To Choose SEO Tools

Affiliate And Refferal System

The LinkCollider has its own referral system and affiliate program. If you are interested in internet marketing this is one of the earning options for you.

By sharing a referall link you can benefit in two ways: for every new user you receive 100 tokens, and every new active user increases the reach of your site!

LinkCollider provides ready-made banner ads with the code to insert into the website, which looks like the example below.

LinkCollider - Free SEO Tools Plus Social Media Sharing
LinkCollider – Free SEO Tools Plus Social Media Sharing

But if you’re creative you can tempt yourself to create your own, but do not forget to add your affiliate link!

By sharing an affiliate link you are creating a chance for additional earnings. For every new user who buys paid membership, you will receive a one-time commission of 20% of the paid price.

This is an amount from $ 5.99 to $ 55.99 for the purchase of membership by your referral.

To receive a commission you will need a free paypal account. You will receive the money within 60 days of purchase.

LinkCollider Review - Affiliate Program
LinkCollider Review – Affiliate Program


LinkCollider Review
  • Can promote different sites5.0
  • Ease of use5.0
  • Cost of use5.0
  • Referral System5.0
  • Affiliate Program5.0

LinkCollider is a powerful solution for beginner webmasters and you can use it at no cost. The system offers a multitude of traffic sources and a rich set of SEO tools. It is user-friendly and comfortable to use. You can use it totally free or as paid member - it`s up to you. You can invite people through referral system to get extra tokens. There is also an affiliate program that can give you an additional source of income. My rating - deserved 5.0!

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5.0Overall Score

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